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An ebook portable reader is a digital book reader where you can access electronic book that you store in this gadget conveniently. Ebook portable reader takes the place of a physical book. There are two big companies, Sony and Kindle who launched brand new ebook portable reader. Both Sony’s and Amazon’s version of the ebook portable reader is the size of a trade paperback, so it mimics the feel of a book more than a PDA did in years past. With ebook portable reader, you don’t need a PC to download ebooks anymore. You can buy and download and store as many as 200 books in addition to magazines on this ebook portable reader wireless device. You can also download blogs and even newspapers.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cool-er than the rest!

Capable of storing between 500-800 novels, the 1GB Cool-er (expandable via SD) uses E-ink technology to replicate the experience of reading a book. It has to be seen to be disbelieved; the glare-free 6” display looks just like paper. You’ll be tempted to lick your finger to turn the pages. It’s also unaffected by direct sunlight, so you can carry on reading wherever you may roam. Amazing!

Simply download your books from any of the countless online sources floating around in cyberspace and drag them on to this USB friendly slice of genius. It’s easier than…erm, picking up a book. Better still, all Cool-er owners receive a 25% lifetime discount at Coolerbooks.com, home to over 750,000 titles, 500,000 of which are completely free. You’re spoilt for choice: thrillers, chick lit, biographies, children’s books, languages, best sellers – we were even gripped by a guide to used Fiat Bravas, which is hardly surprising because we still haven’t got over the novelty of reading books digitally.

Speaking of turning pages, the Cool-er’s iPod-style scroll wheel acts as a menu selector and page turner. It also lets you select from six font sizes and toggle between landscape and portrait viewing. The only thing it won’t do is make some fresh faced Z-listers godawful autobiography remotely entertaining.

It’s not all about the written word though, because this unputdownable little gadget also plays MP3s, so you can listen as you read. Hmmm… Dostoyevsky and Lady Gaga. Indeed it’s a proper format muncher and is compatible with several file types including PDF, EPUB, FB2, RTF, TXT, HTML, PRC and JPG. It’s even multi-lingual and can be used in eight different languages.

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