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An ebook portable reader is a digital book reader where you can access electronic book that you store in this gadget conveniently. Ebook portable reader takes the place of a physical book. There are two big companies, Sony and Kindle who launched brand new ebook portable reader. Both Sony’s and Amazon’s version of the ebook portable reader is the size of a trade paperback, so it mimics the feel of a book more than a PDA did in years past. With ebook portable reader, you don’t need a PC to download ebooks anymore. You can buy and download and store as many as 200 books in addition to magazines on this ebook portable reader wireless device. You can also download blogs and even newspapers.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Where to get free ebooks

There are so many free ebooks available on the interweb.

Let's start with a quality source amazon.com which has all the classics like moby dick, 20,000 leagues etc all for free.


Source 2 is http://www.free-ebooks.net/ which has a wide variety of very readable free how to, self help, educational and more. No novels but definitely worth a look.

Source 3 is a huge collection. If you really like reading and or are very studious or in university this collection has a wide variety of biographies, politics, poetry psychology and much much more. http://manybooks.net/

http://www.getfreeebooks.com/ is another site with a huge variety. I like this site because its layout is very user friendly and pleasant to use.

That's plenty to keep you going for now, more to be disclosed soon.

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