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An ebook portable reader is a digital book reader where you can access electronic book that you store in this gadget conveniently. Ebook portable reader takes the place of a physical book. There are two big companies, Sony and Kindle who launched brand new ebook portable reader. Both Sony’s and Amazon’s version of the ebook portable reader is the size of a trade paperback, so it mimics the feel of a book more than a PDA did in years past. With ebook portable reader, you don’t need a PC to download ebooks anymore. You can buy and download and store as many as 200 books in addition to magazines on this ebook portable reader wireless device. You can also download blogs and even newspapers.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

My Note Premium - Mating Pen With PC

My Note Premiumis an A4-size ink pad that can do what the traditional graphic tablet can't-writing your notes on the paper with a pen! There's no typing and no need to carry a Notebook all the time. Furthermore, you can draw the graphics effortlessly by using the pen and normal paper that a mouse and PC can't do.
The handwriting is stored as e-notes in the internal 32MB flash memory, which saves up to 100 pages. When an SD card is inserted, you save 30 times more!

MyNote is not only a notepad, but also turns into a graphic tablet by connecting the MyNote to PC with a USB cable. You could start enjoying the handwriting, free drawing, annotating, and making free notes.

MyNote Premium includes handwriting recognition software MyScript Note 2.0 and file management software MyInk.

MyScript Note 2.0 is a handwriting recognition software that supports the Trainer function to help create your personal handwriting profile in order to enhance the accuracy of character recognition.

When you take this out of the box you have to write a couple of pages to check your handwriting. Straight after that I copied a coupld of pages out of a magazine and it got 95% of what I wrote down perfectly and the rest just got corrected with the spellchecker.

This is going to help so much with coursework. Instead of coming home and then spending hours typing up my notes it will be connected straight to the pc and done in no time at all. The pen is quite comfortable to hold. The 32mb memory built in holds 99 pages and you can just slide in any old SD card. I had an old 64mb that was good for nothing but now adds another 200 pages worth of storage. You can use any A4 sized notepad but for accuracy you have to make sure that the notepad is held securely to the tablet for continouous writing. I have been using this for about 10 hours with no sign of battery wear but the battery for the pen is easily available and the batteries for the tablet are standard AAA.

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