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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

SmartPhone Competition - Samsung Omnia

The Samsung i900 OMNIA is Large. It's reassuringly large though. You wouldn't want a device that is capable of so many wonderful things to fit in a pixie's pocket. Plus, as far as I'm concerned - it's a mans' phone, therefore it needs to be big.

If you like taking pictures but find the pretentiousness of carrying around a 15billion megapixel digital camera too...pretentious then this 5MP camera with all it's features - and there are far too many to list - will enable you to do so quietly yet elegantly.

If you're a chav and need every high-pitched, ear-shattering, 'Happy' Hardcore song there is to illegally download then this phone is not for you. Well, yes it is but let's face it, you can't afford it. Which, I think is another plus side - the cost. You're not going to get this phone any cheaper than £350 brand new (for the 8gb) and any cheaper than £430 for the 16gb. So it's reassuringly large and reassuringly expensive too. And not without good reason.

The Omnia boasts a Microsoft 6.1 operating system, the latest software for smart phones from Windows. Included in this software is Microsoft Office 2007, (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and a cheeky little OneNote, which, in my opinion is the loveliest of all Office applications)which is useful for every person who uses these applications on a computer, and a great bundle of bragging rights for those who don't but want to show off.

With the 8gb version you have enough memory to hold up to 2,000 mp3 tracks, or an indeterminate amount of photos. Video quality on the camera is good, however the microphone could be better and sound quality through the phone's speaker is lacking.

Another bad point - the stylus. More specifically, using the stylus to send a message, or to generally type on the phone. Yes, the Omnia comes with 5 different types of keyboard, and yes, one of them will suit you more than the others. The difficult part is that all of them require that you stop walking while texting.

The 3.2" touch screen has haptic feedback, meaning that you know when you've pressed something. Don't sneer at this because this addresses the problem of other touch screens - that you don't know if you've pressed a button or not for at least half an hour!

Windows Media Player comes along for the ride too, and it's unimaginably superior to Samsung's attempt at a media player with their Touch Player.

Battery life is great, unless you're watching films on your device, and, fully charged, will last you around 2 days of normal usage.

Some Omnias come pre-loaded with SatNav. Mine didn't. Woe is me.

Google Maps is another feature that is hugey impressive and hugely handy when you're out and about in a big city.

There's also a nice little feature on the Omnia called screen rotation. This allows you to change your phone's display from portrait to landscape just by turning the phone 90 degrees.

There's a widget bar on the left hand side of the phone, (widgets can be dragged around and dropped) but be warned that if this feature is on you can't have any other features such as clock and calender on simultaneously.

The quality of voice calls is below par. Often it sounds as though the person on the other of the call is screaming at you, and once you've turned the volume down a little you can no longer hear them.

On the plus side though, there is so much crammed into this device that you'll never get bored by it. Whether you're using it for business or for fun there really is something for everybody.

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